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Welcome to our homepage!  At Sunlight Farms llc, we strive to give you not only what we hope are the best blueberries you will ever taste but also the most convenient and pleasant family oriented experience possible!

We are nestled along the Yakima River between Prosser and Grandview WA in what we believe is one of the most beautiful places
in our state.  In the summer of 2016 we opened up our farm to the public for u-pick blueberries.  We are utilizing our experience in service to others to help us create a relaxed family friendly place for our guests
to come enjoy the beautiful scenery and to get some great tasting blueberries in the process!

We have clean, wide, and grass filled rows that make it easy for you to “tickle the blueberries” right into your bucket. And yes, tasting as you pick is highly encouraged, besides, who can resist those yummy berries!

Speaking of berries; our berries are the New Zealand Reka variety. 
That means they come in early, are medium to large size berries and
are exceptionally tasty! At Sunlight Farms we do not use herbicides, pesticides or other nasty stuff!


We look forward to serving you and hope you us here at Sunlight Farms as we grow with the addition of new varieties and other wonderful produce in the years to come!!


- Chris and Rita Brown


New Zealand Reka variety come in early , medium to large in size, & very flavorful!

We are nestled along the Yakima River between Prosser and Grandview WA.

Tasting as you pick is highly encouraged, as it's too hard to resist those yummy berries!

Sunlight Farms is all natural! We don't use herbicides, pesticides or other nasty stuff!


"I can't express enough how much we loved our time with the Brown's at Sunlight Farms. A sweet first memory like that is always great but the genuine kindness they showed us really helped in making it a truly wonderful experience. Our two tots LOVE blueberries so they were just in heaven. We had 21lbs between us, plus the pounds eaten vs. going into my daughter's bucket...hahah! Even better, without worries as it's a total organic farm! More importantly, we also cherish the friendship that was made. They adored our little ones and our two love them. They ask to go visit often. We can't wait for this upcoming season! Bring on the Sun and Blueberries!" - Amber, Prosser "We visited Sunlight Farms last year and it will surely become a yearly destination for my family. The quality and size of the blueberries at Sunlight Farms is truly iconic. In fact, the first time I tasted the berries I remember thinking "this is what a blueberry should taste like!". The store bought blueberries just do not compare in the slightest. The owners, Rita and Chris are some of the nicest and honest people you will ever meet. I can't wait to go back and get more! The blueberries freeze well and make great blueberry smoothies, blueberry crisp, blueberry pie, and the blueberry jam I made was a flavor fusion of delight. I highly recommend Sunlight Farms. Take your family and friends for a fun, wholesome outing." - Kari H, Tri-Cities

"It is our sincere hope that you will find our farm as welcoming and peaceful
as we have found it to be and that you will feel at home here at

Sunlight Farms from the moment you arrive!"

- Rita Brown, Owner