More About Our Berries


Come Visit Us!



Every year we eagerly await the ripening of our blueberries.  As they turn blue and harvest approaches, we get to start tasting them and they do get better tasting every day.  It is a job we look forward to each morning!  Follow us on Facebook and Yelp (you can find the links on the top right of each page) for updated pictures and information on seasonal hours/days of operation.


Here at Sunlight Farms, we want you to think of us as your personal blueberry farmers, or better yet, we want you to feel this is your personal blueberry field!


Bring visiting friends/family for a peaceful, low key enjoyable

outing.  You will find easy parking, right next to the multitude of wide clean blueberry rows.  And if you would like to become a part of our photo family, we can post your pictures on our various media pages.  Come for a quick visit or bring picnic items and relax on our large open lawn.  Remember, you are welcome here!  Regarding pets;  we love pets but because of Food Handling Restrictions we are not able to allow any pets on our field.  Besides our plants have low lying fruit...think about it! 😉   If you have any questions regarding pets please call us at (509) 788-8032.


Thank you so much for your interest in “our” blueberry farm.  We really do appreciate it.  

                                                                       - Rita and Chris